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Our Acts
Fire Shows

Be Stunned by this talented duo, with there spectacular fire performance! Masters of  Poi, Double staffs, dragon staff and Swords they wow audiances with there dearing feats of firey Magic!

Using 30 Hoops The Brothers Swag create giant moveing shapes and Mandalas. Spaceships, Robots, Hourses you will never know whats coming next. This has always been a crowed favorite with its creativeity and charm. People s minds will be blown when they witness these mind bending illutions!

The Cyr Wheel is a acrobatic circus apperatis. This dearing feet of dextereity is compleatly mesmerizing. Come nad watch as Mr Jeff seamingly flys through the air with grace and ease!

Fast, Fun and expressive this Hat juggling routine will blow your socks off! Full of Sillyness and astounding tricks, watch these two masters Roll, Toss and Spin there hats, You never know where its going next!

Hoop Extravaganza!
Hat Juggling
Cyr Wheel
The Brothers Swag!

The Brothers Swag

The Brothers Swag are best friends from way back, these circus siblings are looking to conquer the world through entertainment and fun!

There show is an engaging ride through the imagination of these creative geniuses


Creating amazing illusions with 30 hoops these boys are engaging and endearing for audiences of all ages.

Object Manipulation is there thing, Hats, Hoops, Balls and Fire. There is not a moment without action!

The Quizzical Mr Jeff

Mr Jeff is has been a world traveling international performing sensation for 3 years traveling all through europe and the Americas! Appearing on stages at Glastonbury, Boomtown, the Edinburugh Fringe Festival and many more! He spent 2 years training in New Zealand and traveling on the road with Circus Aotearoa New Zealands own traveling circus!
Circus and entertainment is his passion, he will always deliver!

Mat Kohey aka Sir Hoops Alot,

Highly presteged fire performer and Object manipulator originally from New Zealand now based in Melbourne Australia brings his own brand of ultra tech manipulations to Europe for the first time in 2016. His friendly and open persona shines off the stage. Widely lauded for his clean and technical style Mat mixes cutting edge manipulations with funky fresh hip hop flavors

Career High lights Include Pyro performance at PNG independence day 2015 and debuing his new solo show MK EXP, The Mat Kohey Experience at Rainbow Serpent 2016
Knowen for a dangerous fire stun – “The Hoop of Doom!”
Mat performs a jump through a 50cm ring of fire.




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